Sunset Fishing, Philippines

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Bantayan Island, Philippines - Fishermen return to daily life on tranquil seas in the Philippines months after Supertyphoon Yolanda decimated dozens of islands and killed thousands in 2013. 

Moments of calm proved timely treasures in the days of round-the-clock-relief-work that consumed the six months I assisted in disaster relief and recovery efforts following the typhoon. 

Though major cities and large islands were affected, remote and inaccessible fishing villages on tiny outer islands experienced extreme difficulty in receiving aid in the months after the disaster. Small "pump boats" and canoes (like those featured above) serve as the only means of transportation between islands, making the logistics of delivering much-needed resources like food, water, and housing materials a menacing task.

When the tide goes out for several hours of the day, the islands are surrounded by deep and vast stretches of muddy sand. Supply deliveries come to a halt until the next high tide returns. 

As I stood wearily at the port preparing the next supply distribution, the tranquility and warmth of the setting sun provided a peaceful moment of tranquil rest and hope for the day's demands.

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